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Dec 24

Merry Christmas!

Just want to take a quick second to wish everybody Merry Christmas. Photographed is the beloved, 100 year old dinning table we are going to sit at, having Christmas Eve dinner.

We are not planning to list any new stock on the website until the new year but rest assured there will be plenty hot Louis Vuitton handbags and a few classic Chanel quilted chain bags coming your way!

Orders can still be placed during this period but we’ll be starting to process postal run from the 3rd of January.

Today I plan on wrapping (gifts), more wrapping (gifts again), relax a little, eating, eating, laughing, eating and laughing more. I hope you have a great day with your family and friends, stay healthy and stress free!

Merry Christmas!

Dec 15

Cheers To Red!

You don’t normally see me in something red but I’m totally into Louis Vuitton’s rouge (red) color.  I’m particularly fond of this Louis Vuitton rouge Epi leather Soufflot bag.

The Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Soufflot Bag was firstly introduced in January 2007, named after Jacques Germain Soufflot, the French architect who designed the Pantheon in Pairs in 1755 and introduced non-classicism in the international circle. This bag not only inherits his name, but also his modern spirit.

This discontinued rouge (red) color has a warm, bright shade that speaks out beautiful and confident. No matter winter or summer, it is always a perfect color for any weather condition. Such a feminine, practical and elegant bag, no wonder it was such a hit and sold out very quickly.

Have you been working too hard this year? Have you spent too much time being too serious? It’s the holiday season, time to let your hair down and free up the fun side of you. If you’ve always believed red is not your color, try something in Louis Vuitton rouge.

It’s bold, it’s beautiful, it’s … YOU!

Dec 04

Will You Wack Kim Kardashian With This Bag?

Check out the bag Kim Kardashian was wearing.

Yes, I hear what you are saying: I’m not a big fan of Kim Kardashian! I don’t blame you. But the bag… is the most gorgeous and rare Louis Vuitton Ambre Cabas Noe Cruise tote. Limited edition in 2004, it was designed by Marc Jacobs featuring many iconic Louis Vuitton symbols such as bold golden brass S lock, rivets and nails. Original retailed over $4,000 AU and sold out very quickly around the world, it’s becoming increasingly sought after and highly collectible. If you missed out on it while it was still available in store, here’s your second chance. At Bags of Charm we have one in fabulous preowned condition at a lot less than half of the original retail price.

One of our facebook fans commented on facebook fan page: can I wack her with the bag? – Lol… Yeah go ahead, wack her! But maybe, just maybe, use something else and save the gorgeous bag for yourself :).