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Jan 27

Happy Weekend!

It must be something to do with the wet weather (yeah, blame the weather) and subsequently the lost summer, I’ve been feeling a little bit uneasy and low in energy. In an effort to improve my personal filing system, I decided to file away a stack of loose-leaf prints that haven’t been touched for a long time. As I picked up the pile, one piece of paper fell lightly right in front of me. I looked down to see what it was… That was when I thought the universe started to speak to me: it was the final part of Desiderata. A friend of mine sent the poem to me years ago.


Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams; it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.


Strive to be happy.

I smiled a crooked smile and started to feel the energy flowing back to me. Time to be productive again. There are loads of beautiful Louis Vuitton bags and amazing Vintage Chanel statement Jewellery to be photographed and displayed in the next few days. Here’s a sneak peek…

Louis Vuitton mulitcolor Judy pm bag, Louis Vuitton Damier Azur neverfull mm bag and lots of Iconic Chanel vintage earrings.



Jan 08

Designer Bags Review: Louis Vuitton Randonnee Bag

We rode alongside children on their scooters, behind the street artists performing fire juggling, among hundreds of casual, relaxed strollers in Darling harbor. It was a little hot and humid, a bike ride from Pyrmont to Sydney Paddy’s market before the storm was just something I needed.

You see, that remarkable 93 years old lady in my local super market inspired me to buy a large pack of carrots to make and drink carrot juice everyday so if ever I live to 93 years and beyond, I can just be as fabulous as her.

It must be the something in the air, or the bike ride, or the little excitement about fresh homemade carrot juice, the Louis Vittion Randonnee Bags kept coming to my mind.Many clients have called or emailed to ask opinion about choosing the right bag. So we will put some background information about designer bags on this blog from time to time, for those of you who are interested to know more.

Louis Vuitton Randonnee GM & PM Bags

French word Randonnée means ride, hike, excursion, drive. Pronunciation: [ra(n) duh nay]

There are 2 sizes in the Louis Vuitton Randonnee line: the GM size– bigger one and the PM size – the smaller one of these two. The GM size also comes with a large detachable zippy pouch like the one shown in the photo.

Louis Vuitton Randonnee bags are available in the traditional monogram canvas and epi leather. Both sizes are very spacious, having adjustable leather shoulder straps. They can be carried as shoulder bags or backpacks. They are no longer available in Louis Vuitton Store.

I hope today, you all have time to take a step forward towards what you want to do, no matter how small the step is.

Stay fabulous.

Jan 06

It’s Oldie But a Goodie

One of the world most successful models Twiggy revolutionised the world of fashion in the 1960s. When Louis Vuitton launched its Papillon bag, she snapped it up, never traveled without it.

Check out this video on youtube.

In 1967, Twiggy and her Louis Vuitton Papillon bag appeared in Vogue. Like the saying goes, before it’s in fashion, it’s in Vogue. The Louis Vuitton MonogramPapillon bag was soon seen on many other stars and remains one of Louis Vuitton’s cult designs.

Unlike modern Louis Vuitton Papillon Bag, vintage Papillon bag has darker treated leather trimmings and handles which prevent it from being stained easily by water or sweat. Twiggy was carrying the smallest version of pap in the photo and the 60s Papillon monogram placement is different from the ones produced later on.

Like other iconic Louis Vuitton Bags (Alma, Speedy, Noe, Keepall…), it is an oldie but a goodie. It is one of these bags that you can get today, take good care of it, then break it out in a decade or two, and still look classy and fabulous!

Jan 02

You Ask, You Get… Louis Vuitton Monogram Cabas Bags

Angelina Jolie has been rocking her Louis Vuitton monogram Cabas Piano, Mazzo and Alto bags everywhere.

I would too totally, if I had 6 kids and many baby things to carry, I mean, what’s not to love about these Louis Vuitton monogram cabas bags? Simply classic and practical, we’ve seen plenty of celebrities carrying them around.

The recent chapter of the Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign follows Angelina Jolie as she travels to Cambodia to recount the journey that changed her life. Angelina carried her own well used/loved Louis Vuitton Cabas Alto bag for the photo shoot during this campaign instead of getting a sparkling new one from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection.

Now, that’s a star!

Many Louis Vuitton fans are saddened by the fact that the monogram cabas bags are no longer available in Louis Vuitton stores. Despite the increasing popularity of these bags, Louis Vuitton has just discounted all 3 of them. The only way to own one now is to get it from the secondary market.

At Bags of Charm, we try to stock authentic pre-owned Louis Vuitton monogram cabas bags in all the 3 sizes as often as we can but still, there are so few of them available, not enough for every one. Many of you who missed out previously have contacted us to request more. So once again, here’s the answer to your wish, newly in, authentic Louis Vuitton monogram Cabas Piano, Cabas Mazzo, Cabas Alto, one of each in fabulous pre-owned condition.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cabas Alto Bag, huge:

We had a few Louis Vuitton Alto bags but look, this one has a similar patina as Angelina’s bag!

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cabas Mazzo Bag, big size:



Louis Vuitton Monogram Cabas Piano Bag, small size:

Happy browsing and stay fabulous!:)