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Oct 15

It’s A Perfect 10… Till End Of October

The other day I read an article: “Why Your Customers Left You.” It talked about how customers can get annoyed receiving too many newsletters. It is so true. Some times I receive 2 or 3 newsletter a day from the same store trying to sell me something and I had to clean up my email inbox all the time. But reading that article made me realize that we are exactly the opposite, we hardly ever sent any newsletter to our subscribers. The only one newsletter we send was end of last year to wish everyone Merry Christmas/Happy New Year. You can tell I’m not from a sales/ marketing background, can you:). But we’ll try to keep in touch from now on, at least once a month.

Bags of Charm is committed to bring you only fabulous, authentic pre-owned designer handbags and accessories @ fantastic value. This will never change.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone of you who stayed with us all these time and I want to let you know your support means the world to us. As a token of appreciation, Bags of Charm would like to offer our subscribers a 10% discount on all current stock including sales items. This offer is not available anywhere else and it is valid till the end of October 2012. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet and really want to save more on a fabulous, authentic Louis Vuitton bag,  you can still sign up now to get your 10% off coupon coupon code.

Happy Monday!