Jan 08

Designer Bags Review: Louis Vuitton Randonnee Bag

We rode alongside children on their scooters, behind the street artists performing fire juggling, among hundreds of casual, relaxed strollers in Darling harbor. It was a little hot and humid, a bike ride from Pyrmont to Sydney Paddy’s market before the storm was just something I needed.

You see, that remarkable 93 years old lady in my local super market inspired me to buy a large pack of carrots to make and drink carrot juice everyday so if ever I live to 93 years and beyond, I can just be as fabulous as her.

It must be the something in the air, or the bike ride, or the little excitement about fresh homemade carrot juice, the Louis Vittion Randonnee Bags kept coming to my mind.Many clients have called or emailed to ask opinion about choosing the right bag. So we will put some background information about designer bags on this blog from time to time, for those of you who are interested to know more.

Louis Vuitton Randonnee GM & PM Bags

French word Randonnée means ride, hike, excursion, drive. Pronunciation: [ra(n) duh nay]

There are 2 sizes in the Louis Vuitton Randonnee line: the GM size– bigger one and the PM size – the smaller one of these two. The GM size also comes with a large detachable zippy pouch like the one shown in the photo.

Louis Vuitton Randonnee bags are available in the traditional monogram canvas and epi leather. Both sizes are very spacious, having adjustable leather shoulder straps. They can be carried as shoulder bags or backpacks. They are no longer available in Louis Vuitton Store.

I hope today, you all have time to take a step forward towards what you want to do, no matter how small the step is.

Stay fabulous.

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