Sep 06

LOUIS VUITTON Miss France VIP Gift Trunk Paperweight

When it comes to VIP gift, no other brand can compete with Louis Vuitton… … so far:)!

I keep staring at this Louis Vuitton Monogram Trunk Paperweight fashioned after the Miss France line right in front of me. Though it doesn’t open, this amazing little trunk (15.5 x 8cm) has all the fine details of the life-size trunks; from the handles, latches, nails, buckles and golden corners. It also has a decorative flag and bag along with MISS FRANCE on 2 sides of the trunk and a leather strap which can be opened that goes around the trunk. This was a VIP gift, only given to Louis Vuitton VIP clients or those with some sort of celebrity status. So it’s a truly unique LV item and has never been available to general public.

What can I say, it is just another beautiful Louis Vuitton ornament made to the finest detail.

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